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Welcome to Soccermom, Since 2006

We are a driver placement agency that assists you with finding safe and reliable transport for your children. We fall between Au Pair and Shuttle services and help you with a unique solution in this space. 

Soccermom was started in 2006 and has been operating safely and successfully ever since. We have branches in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town. We are ripe and ready to assist you in finding the perfect driver!

What we do

  • We will place a reliable driver (plus car) for you,
  • on a one-on-one basis,
  • tailored around your children's needs and schedules. 


How it Works

Step 1: You give us your requirement and area

Step 2: And we will source a perfectly suited Soccermom driver (with safe car) for your family

Step 3: You meet with them and tell us if you are happy

Step 4: She/he will then safely chauffeur your children for you!

Apply to get a Soccermom driver here



Drivers are paid per hour and km worked just for you. Soccermom does not charge a once off placement fee, therefore we reduce the risk of paying a large amount of money for your candidate. We are service orientated agency and will continuously try to ensure that your lifting needs are met. 

See our rate card and handy quote calculator here

Let us help you find the right Soccermom driver to keep you and your family moving!

Transport for school Kids



Hi Cherese, Thank you so much for assisting me.  Kendal was absolutely wonderful…a star.  Not once I did I have a problem and she was organised and on time.  It was a pleasure having her drive (my kids) around.  She is highly recommended!!! Ilonka, Johannesburg 2015

I never seem to take the time, but I would like to comment on Claire.  She is truly a brilliant ambassador for Soccermoms and we value her so much. Just wanted to let you know that we are incredibly happy and so fond of her. Nothing is ever too much to ask and she is so punctual. Thank you for introducing her to us. Becky, Pretoria 2015 

Simone is fantastic.  I have no complaints only compliments. Lizette, Johannesburg 2015

Thanks and best wishes to you. Continue to do the wonderful work that you are doing. It's great to see how mums are relieved from the stress of having to pick up their children when they have to work as well! Oma (driver), Johannesburg 2015

Hi Cherese, Gugu is really lovely and the girls and I love her to bits. I really should have done this 2 years ago when I first looked into it. She is a huge asset to our family and is happy to do all she can to help out with extra lifts when I am ill or confined to bed which deserves extra cudos as I am ill fairly often. Anonymous, Johannesburg 2015

Thank you so much, the quality of the service I received was impeccable. Kind regards, Dr Caroline, Pretoria 2014

Thank you for your prompt response. I truly appreciate such an excellent service. It makes my heart sing. I hereby accept the quote. Please kindly forward me the banking details so I can deposit the registration fee. Is it fine if I pay the full amount in advance? Thank you once again. You are a champion! Pearl, Pretoria 2014

Hi Nicke, Everything is absolutely perfect. Thanks for the email. Kind regards, Natasha, Cape Town2013

I am exceptionally pleased with Sharon, she really went beyond the call of duty and looked after my girls so well.  They built a wonderful relationship with her and ask me every day when they will see her again.  I felt very secure knowing that Sharon was fetching my children, she really takes pride in what she does and is exceptionally reliable. Thank you for organizing everything and for the wonderful service that you offer, I will definitely be recommending Soccermom! Jenny, Pretoria, 2012

Not often one is blown away by efficiency and service - I can honestly say that your personal efficiency and willingness to assist together with the warm demeanor and professionalism of your staff has been a welcome change. Thank you for turning my "nightmare" into a "no problem". Belinda, Johannesburg, 2011

Thank you Ardin. I am already talking to Ronelle about using Soccermoms in Cape Town, I am really sold on your company and have been singing your praises to everyone. Tracey, ex-Pretoria, now Cape Town, 2010


More on Soccermom

Soccermom is run by a bunch of valiant female entrepreneurs. Our stories are all wholesome and real, and we understand the demands of running a household in South Africa. We are always here to assist you as much as we possibly can, ensuring you can rely on Soccermom for as long as you require the service.

We can assist with the safe placement of drivers for: lifts to and from school, lifts to and from extra-mural activities or lifts on weekends (paintball, movies, shopping etc). Placements can be made on a permanent or temporary basis. 

  1. We Chauffeur kids
  2. We Shuttle kids
  3. We Transport kids

(If you are a student/au pair/freelancer etc. interested in being a Soccermom driver, please click here).


Why choose Soccermom over other children’s transport services? 

We will take your requirement and personally find the best driver for you. We will listen, and discuss and ensure full peace of mind before anyone starts transporting your kids. You get to meet and approve the driver before any transport begins. Find out more here

The safety of your children is our utmost priority. Our candidates (Soccermoms) are carefully chosen, responsible and reliable drivers. Before presentation to you, all candidates are thoroughly interviewed, driver’s licence checked, reference checked, road worthy checked, criminal reference checked (by request) and categorized according to their qualifications and age.  

Soccermom is a service orientated agency. We do not just place a candidate and then disappear. If you are unhappy with your driver, a replacement can be requested, at no additional cost.

Soccermom ensures that prices are competitive and reflective of the excellence in service provided. Drivers are only paid for the service they provide to you.

Our Soccermoms will assist Supermoms and Superdads in ensuring only the best for your children - while you continue your careers for your family’s benefit. Gone are the days of waiting for crowded school busses/shuttles or arranging lift clubs in between meetings. Soccermom will assist you in optimising the time you spend at home, work or the gym, eliminating being stuck in traffic whilst transporting children with busy schedules.

We will always put safety first and keep you regularly informed on safety and security on the road. (Read our blog post on safety rules to follow in drop off and pick areas).


Are you ready? See our rates,  contact us for a personalised quote or complete our application form. Let us assist you! 

Soccermom Testimony

Blog Spot: Tyre Safety: Myths debunked with Facts
Proper tyre maintenance is often overseen by drivers because it seems to be a complicated process. On top of that, in addition to an overwhelming number of maintenance and safety tips available, there are also some myths that can result in rather serious problems if it is blindly followed. Seeing that tyres are considered the most important component of your vehicle, we've listed 5 common tyre myths, along with facts to set them straight. 

Myth 1: Tread wear presents no safety hazard, as long as the wear is even across the width of the tire and the fabric or wire is not yet exposed

Fact 1:  Tread wear presents a safety hazard long before the fabric or wire is exposed! Tyres with less than 1.5mm of tread is no longer safe for highway driving. If you're unsure how to check the tread on your tyres, have it inspected by a tyre dealer and obtain a written report. Inadequate tread increase your chances of dangerous tyre failure. 

Myth 2: Best place to check your tyre air pressure, is at a service station

Fact 2: Yes, you can check your tyre air pressure at a service station, but only if you live 1km or closer to it! The most accurate tyre air pressure reading is obtained when tyres are cold, that is, when they have been driven for less than a kilometer of have been idle for at least three hours. 

Myth 3: If you have a tyre failure while driving at a high speed, the best thing to do is to remove your foot from the accelerator and slam on the brakes.

Fact 3: Follow these steps if you have a tyre failure while driving
  • grip the steering wheel firmly with both hands
  • concentrate to stay in your own lane, don't make any sudden moves
  • Lift your foot off the accelerator, but do not brake
  • Once you have your vehicle under control, turn on your hazard lights
  • if you're certain that it is safe for yourself and other vehicles, slowly steer off the road and stop at a safe place to change the tyre.
Myth 4: If you hit a pothole or curb and your tyres didn't fail (burst), it is safe to assume no damage was caused
Fact 4: Hitting any object directly with your tyres may damage the body of the tyre, without any visible signs on the outside. You may assume that your tyres are safe, but the damage will increase the chances of tyre failure. Typical signs of internal damage include bulges, loss of pressure despite regular pumping, and vibrations through the tyres while driving. Internally damaged tyres should be replaced without delay.

Myth 5: Proper tyre maintenance is expensive, and doesn't really make a difference to my car's performance.

Fact 5: Inflating your tyres are free of charge, and the most important factor of tyre maintenance since tyres inflated correctly will extend the life of your tyres. Apart from increasing the life of your tyres, and saving money in the process, well-maintained tyres are a crucial part in vehicle safety and performance:
  • Improved car handling and braking, ie. more control over your vehicle
  • Improved safety on the road, ie. less tyre failures and repairs next to the road
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions

It is each driver's responsibility to ensure their tyres are safe to use. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram this month for helpful tyre safety tips!
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