Get 2021 at this year's rate - save R630


Purchase a 12-month subscription at 2020 rates plus 5% extra off.

R 5 130

Everyone would take a second chance at 2020 - that's a fact! 

For one week, your Soccermom Subscription can: sign up for a 12-month premium subscription between 23 and 28 November and enjoy next year at the same rate as 2020 plus an extra 5% off. Considering that the subscription fee will increase to R480pm in 2021, it's a total saving of R630!

Only a limited number of this offer is available - don't miss out. 

What about further lockdowns you ask? Well, we cannot guarantee an uninterrupted school year, but we will credit your account with any unused monthly fees if schools are closed.

Where's the small print you ask? Not here, not with us - we're all about transparency. 

So to confirm the details: 

1. You'll purchase a 12-month premium subscription, for services in 2021. 

2. Subscription fees are not refundable in cash.

3. We will credit your account with R427.50 for any full unused calendar months if schools are closed due to COVID-19 Government regulations.

4. Credits to your account may be used to pay for any driving services.

5. All other standard terms relating to subscription fees remains effective as found at

6. Limited number of this deal is available.