After School
We don't share rides...
unless Mom says so

All of the great features of our premium service, at an even more affordable, shared rate.

Maximum 4 passengers per vehicle (provided one child meets the requirements to sit in the front passenger seat).

Only shared with a family you chose and trust.

No pre-set times; you manage your schedule.

No unnecessary time spent on the road while dropping of everyone else. ​

Sharing a Soccermom, and much of the cost, with another family that you trust, can make your rands go further.  

Affordable group rides with selected friends.

Nothing working for you?
Create a new carpool and we'll help you find someone to share with.

1. Join a carpool

Download the SoccermomRIDE app and set up your joined account. 
* multiple devices supported per account

Schedule your rides and appoint your preferred Soccermom

2. Create and Manage

More details
Enjoy all premium features on the app, including real time updates on pick-up and drop-off, live tracking, and secure payments, while sharing the cost of the rides at a lower monthly subscription fee.

3. Monitor


Will it work for you? 

A Soccermom Carpool works best for families who

  • have a fixed schedule, typically between school and home

  • have a maximum of 2 children in the car at a time

  • are happy to share the ride with another family's children in the same age group and/or gender

Available Carpools










  • Carpool families have a joint SoccermomApp Profile

  • Ride fares are calculated at the Soccermom Premium Rates and deducted from the in-app wallet

  • Ride fares are calculated in real-time from the app, and tracked from the first pick-up point to the last drop-off point.

  • Carpool families are responsible for shared fare calculations and topping up the in-app wallet.

Create a Carpool






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