About Soccermom

What is Soccermom?

Soccermom is a placement agency that provides one-to-one transport service tailored to your family’s unique schedule and needs. Whether it's to get your children to and from school every day, or take them to ballet, drama class and swimming after school, you can rely on your personal Soccermom to chauffeur your kids safely where they need to go. Our online platform enables you to schedule rides and manage your account conveniently from your mobile or desktop, backed-up with the personal support of our team at mission control.

What is the difference between Soccermom and other taxi services

Soccermom is a child-focussed transport solution. Our Soccermoms are trained and experienced to work with kids. We fill the unique gap between a full time (more costly) au pair on one side, and a shuttle service on the other. Thanks to our personal service to individual families, your kids don’t have to spend unnecessary long times on the road - no shared rides because we head straight to your drop-off point.

Do you operate in my area?

We currently offer our service in most major cities across South Africa, with dedicated branches in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Find the contact details to each branch here, or get in touch with Head Office to discuss a Soccermom in your area.

Why Soccermom?

At Soccermom we understand that every super-parent needs a sidekick from time to time. We are here to assist with your family’s everyday driving requirements: getting them to school, music class, gymnastics and more, and allowing you to focus on the task at hand, whether it be that important meeting with the big client, your daily training program or getting yourself home safely from the office.

Is there a restriction on the age of the passengers?

No, we drive kids of all ages. Because it is only your family in the car at a time, we have no restrictions on the age of the passengers and can even assist with trips for grown-ups unable to drive themselves for whatever reason.

Is there a restriction on the age of the passengers?

No, we drive kids of all ages. Because it is only your family in the car at a time, we have no restrictions on the age of the passengers and can even assist with trips for grown-ups unable to drive themselves for whatever reason.

Money Matters

How do you calculate your rates

Know what you're paying for. Soccermom's 3-part rate structure:

  1. Driver Rate: The compensation to your Soccermom driver for their time. Choose from a rate per day or a rate per trip, depending on your requirements.
  2. Fuel Rate: Soccermom Drivers are compensated for the use of their own vehicles based on the distance they travel while in service.
  3. Subscription Fee: unlike other placement agencies, Soccermom doesn't charge a large "recruitment fee" to find you a driver. Our small monthly subscription fee keeps the service affordable, and offer you support in the form of back-up drivers and replacement of your permanent driver at no extra fee.

Why do you charge a registration fee when signing up

Finding each family the perfect Soccermom involves advertising, background checking, interviewing and screening of the candidate, hence we only start the recruitment process as soon as your registration fee is received.

How much does the service cost

Rates are calculated according to number of trips per day, and the distance of each trip. Starting from R75 per trip, a Soccermom is an affordable alternative to a full-time au pair. To see how much you'll pay, use our handy calculator or request a detailed estimate

How will I be billed

Thanks to our clever automatic logging system, your account will be calculated based on the trips logged against your name. A full record of this is available to view on your personal Soccermom profile whenever you wish. At Soccermom, the billing period runs from the 25th-one month to the 24th-next month, eg. 25 January to 24 February. Permanent clients will receive a montly invoice on the 25th of every month for the total cost of the driving service provided in the past billing period, as well as the subscription fee for the upcoming month.

How do I pay?

Soccermom offers a safe and secure online payment option via credit card or instant EFT, where you’ll be linked directly with your online banking profile, or you can pay via EFT from your bank to ours. We do not store any of your credit card details on our system.

What is the subscription fee?

Unlike other placement agencies, Soccermom doesn't charge a large "finders fee" to place a Soccermom with your family. Instead, we charge a small monthly subscription fee to keep the service affordable, and reduce the risk to your family at the same time, by offering to replace your Soccermom for whatever reason, at no extra cost. The subscription fee is a flat rate, charged every month that you make use of your Soccermom's service. The fee is payable upfront, before the first day of the month, and will be included in your monthly service invoice issued on the 25th. Additionally, the Subscription fee gives you access to free stand-in drivers should our Soccermom fall ill, and full-time support from our staff for any queries or concerns.

Do I pay my Soccermom Driver directly?

No. The service invoice sent on the 25th of the month will include both the Driving fees and the Subscription fees. Once your payment is received, the Soccermom Driver's earnings are transferred to them by our Accounts Department.

Our Soccermoms and their vehicles

Who are the Soccermoms

Our Soccermom Drivers are typically an au-pair profile and range from students working as part-time Soccermoms, to retired nurses, teachers and nannies driving full-time. Our Soccermoms are pre-screened, reference checked and verified, with childcare experience.

What criteria do Soccermom Drivers have to meet

Before any driver can be considered for a Soccermom position, they have to meet all the points of the Soccermom Verification Process which include

  • holding a valid drivers license for at least 1 year
  • experience in working with children
  • reference and background checks passed
  • clean driving record
  • PrDP if older than 21
See the full list here

What vehicles do you use and is it safe?

Soccermom Drivers use their own vehicles. For a car to qualify, it cannot be older than 10 years and should hold a roadworthy certificate no older than 12 months or a full service history. As part of our Soccermom Certification, every Soccermom’s car is being inspected by our own vehicle inspector too.

How will I know that it is a Soccermom-approved car?

All vehicles that have been successfully inspected by our team, is marked with a Soccermom-branded decal on the rear window like this one:

Will I get to meet with the Soccermom Driver upfront?

Yes. You will be presented with a maximum of 3 candidates from which you may choose to interview as many as ypu wish. Once you are 100% satisfied that you found the best Soccermom for your family, will you appoint the candidate as your permanent driver.

The Service

How do I book a Soccermom?

Easy as 1-2-3: register your personal profile and schedule your rides. Our team will take it from there, and come back to you about potential Soccermoms available to meet.

How long in advance should I make a booking?

Although we do our best to assist as soon as possible, we recommend at least 5 working days for a short-term bookings (less than 3 weeks ongoing). To ensure we find the perfect match for your family’s long-term driving schedule, we recommend 15 working days from registration to placement.

What if I need my Soccermom to babysit my kids before or after the pick-up?

You’ve come to the right place! Simply add a sitting session in your personal profile, and we’ll ensure the candidates presented meet all the requirements.

What happens during school holidays when we don't need the Soccermom service?

No worry, you only pay-as-you-use! Provided that you’ve informed your Soccermom of this arrangement, you will only be billed for the trips logged. The monthly subscription fee is a flat rate paid every month that you make use of the service, regardless of the actual number of days the driver worked. To pause the service for a full calendar month, you can notify your local branch no less than 30 days in advance.

How do I contact my Soccermom while in contract?

You may contact your Soccermom directly via telephone, whatsApp or text, but please keep in mind that they cannot use their phones while driving.

What if I'm unhappy with my Soccermom?

We encourage families to report any issues they experience with their Soccermom right away via their online profile. Should you wish to have your permenent Soccermom replaced, your local branch will work with you to find a suitable solution at no extra cost.

How do I cancel my Soccermom Subscription

To cancel your subscription, we require a 30-day notice in writing to your local branch.