Don't let your car become a germ taxi!

Cleanliness and basic hygiene have been making headlines in recent weeks more than ever before! Washing hands, sanitizing surfaces, and how to discard used tissues are even demonstrated by the President on national tv - all in the hope of reducing the spread of Coronavirus. But these basic principles should in fact be part of our standard way of everyday life, whether we face a pandemic or not, to reduce the spread of any virus or bacteria.

With schools reopening and many of us using our cars for the first time in a while, let’s look at some important car hygiene facts and tips on how to keep your car as clean and tidy as possible.

FACT: Your car is a potential germ taxi!

Day to day, you and all your passengers are in contact with several other people between car rides. If you consider that germs can remain on surfaces for a number of hours, it is unavoidable that some of these nasties will make their way into your car, and who knows where else! Where kids are involved, a mess is usually not far behind. No matter how neat and tidy you try to be, that spilled drink, dirty school bags and sports gear, and sticky fingers are part of the package, not to mention strange smells and odors!

Soccermom Car Hygiene Protocol

At Soccermom, the cleanliness and hygiene of our drivers' cars are closely behind the safety of our passengers. In fact, we strongly believe a neat and tidy car contributes to a safe journey, and apart from our standard requirements in terms of car specifications, we have added the following COVID-19 car hygiene protocols to ensure all cars are clean and safe for our passengers:

  • Cars to be sa