How to cancel a Soccermom Service Agreement with a family.

Every relationship will end at some point. How it ends however can be managed.

Whether it's because of an exciting new job opportunity, or because your schedules no longer match, there will come a time when you as a Soccermom Driver can no longer work for the family you are contracted to. Taking care to end your contract on a friendly foot will go a long way in ensuring future relationships.

Let's take a look at what is the best practice for canceling a Soccermom Service agreement with a family.

  1. Plan ahead The minimum notice period required is 30 days. Not only will it give the recruitment team at Soccermom sufficient time to make new arrangements with the family, but it will help the family prepare for the change.

  2. Communicate Keep the family informed: you should notify them first of your intention to end the agreement before our team will be in touch with the family to discuss a new driver. Always discuss it in person with the parents first. Never mention it to the children unless you and the parents are on the same page. Next, confirm your decision in writing via email to both the family and Soccermom. Should the family choose to not take a new Soccermom, be sure to work your last month's notice period. A monthly subscription fee is payable for every month the family uses a Soccermom, and by not working your notice period, you may be liable for paying the notice months subscription fee to Soccermom SA.

  3. Wrap up Stay up to date from your side on the handover process: chat to the family and offer to brief the new driver, show her around the schools, and best routes.

It is the small details that will be remembered: although change is inevitable, how the client experienced the process will determine what the future will be for the relationship.