On 25 November, it's all systems GO!

In preparation for the "new year rush", we will use the last billing period of 2019 as the final testing session for the new Soccermom platform and mobile applications. Our goal is to iron out any technical issues, while getting the drivers familiarized with the logging procedures and platform in general.

The test period will run from Monday 25 November until Friday 13 December 2019. 

How will it work? 


  • Your in-app wallets will receive an advanced 'top-up' to the value of the estimated service fees for the test period

  • Upon completion of the test period, we will send an invoice for the actual total cost of services, payable by 13 December 2019

  • Drivers will be paid on Tuesday 17 December 2019You can find more information on the new payment terms here


  • Our team has transferred your existing schedule to the new platform, and your driver is already assigned to these trips.