soccermomRIDE - app for families coming soon!

We're very excited to announce the soccermomRIDE app will be available for iOS and Android soon.

Transferring your Soccermom account to the app will give you access to easy booking / scheduling functionality and increased safety features such as live tracking and real-time notifications of pick-ups and drop-offs.

To ensure you get the most out of our App, here’s a few important improvements to take note off:

Using the mobile app will replace your existing profile.

There is no connection between the current online system and the new mobile application. Once you transfer to the mobile app, your existing profile will no longer be accessible.

Payments will be different.

  1. Rides are payable upon completion, with the amount deducted immediately from your in-app wallet. Please ensure you have sufficient funds at all times.

  2. Top-ups to your wallet can either be done from the app using your credit card or via conventional bank transfer (keep in mind there may be a slight delay due to bank hours) or now also via Zapper (request your family's personal QR code via

Your schedules will have to added again.

Don’t worry, our team is here to help with this! We'll be contacting you in the next few days to confirm the details before adding it. By the time you start using the app, your standard schedule will be waiting for you.

Your are automatically registered as a Premium Client

Soccermom services are classified as "standard" or "premium" on the app. All sitting and ad-hoc ride bookings are part of the standard service, with no monthly subscription and minimal recruitment assistance from our personnel. Jobs are posted to the drivers via the app, from where they will respond based on availability.

As a premium client, you enjoy the convenience of recurring bookings contracted to the same driver as far into the future as you prefer, as well as recruitment assistance from our staff for new contracts, changes in schedules or last-minute additional bookings. This is the same service you've always been enjoying, and the monthly subscription is charged at a flat rate of R430.

Talking dates

Public testing with existing clients and drivers will commence Monday 14 October 2019. Once we're satisfied that all bugs and glitches are resolved, families can transfer at their own pace until the end of the year.

Join our beta group

Want to get a head-start and have your say on possible improvements? Watch out for details to join our test group - we'd love to hear your suggestions!

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