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If you've been on social media in the past few days, you saw loads of images, videos and articles on panic buying, empty shop shelves and worried individuals, especially the elderly and vulnerable.

As South Africa is slowly adjusting to our "new normal" of social distancing, closed schools and other changes to help #flattenthecurve, our nation is doing two of the things we do best during tough times: we make jokes (mostly good-natured thankfully), and we step up and help. While joking is one of our country's favorite coping mechanisms, our warm hearts towards people in need is what keeps us going.

#proudlysouthafrican, Soccermom is also helping: We are offering a shopping service to anyone that cannot get to the shops themselves. This includes the elderly and other high-risk persons such as healthcare workers, or even a single mom with no support to look after the kids while she goes to the store. And you can get involved too: For only R90, you can sponsor a shopper to someone in need: one of our lovely lady drivers will stop by the house to pick up the shopping list and payment, go to the shops and return with the order as soon as possible. As an optional extra, you can also purchase a gift certificate to pay for the nominated person shopping.

How it works

  1. Purchase a "Sponsor a Shopper" voucher for R90.

  2. Optional: nominate a person in need of shopping assistance. Alternatively, we will donate the voucher on your behalf to nominated but unsponsored individuals.

  3. Our Soccermom Drivers will collect the shopping list and money from the nominated person, run to the stores, then return with the delivery.

Two sides of the story

With school transport being our main business, our lovely lady drivers have a lot of free time on their hands at the moment. Although time off sounds great, our drivers all work as independent contractors, and no driving for a month will have a significant impact on their income. By supporting our cause, you're not only helping someone in need that cannot get to the stores themselves, but you also help a mom to put food on her table or to pay her car installment to keep her in business once schools reopen and she can resume her normal driving schedule.

Total transparency

To support the cause, keep the cost as low as possible and ensure maximum earnings to our drivers, 100% of the fee charged will be allocated to the project. Here's a breakdown of where the money goes:

  • R80 to the driver/shopper for her time and travel

  • R10 to cover online transaction fees and other administrative costs.

Spread the word, spread the effect

Viruses are contagious, but so is empathy, love, and kindness... Choose wisely and help spread our cause. Nominate individuals to receive a sponsored shopper here or contact evette@soccermom.co.za or 089361677 for more information on how you can get involved.

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